New documents in the Digital Archive

In November 2013. The Memory of the Twentieth Century collection launched its Digital Archive initiative ( ). In the first round it published a selection of the documents stored by Gabriella Lengyel in her home: some of the remaining documents from the famous SZETA (Fund for Supporting the Poor).
Recently, three new groups of documents have been published, all three from the early research period of the Hungarian Roma minority.
Gabriella Lengyel was a university student, when she started her career as a sociologist by participating in the first Hungarian Roma research, led by István Kemény in 1971. She still has copies of a few of the interviews from that era, which are shared with the public now. 
The other two groups of documents are interviews of Gabriella Lengyel from Nógrádmegyer (1979) and Fáj (1985).
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