The Memory of the Twentieth Century collection launches its „News” section today.
Our collection of life story interviews has been available online since February 2012, and has been smoothly operating for more than three years. We are still the only Hungarian oral history collection enabling visitors to access full length interviews online, wherever they might be.
One might think calling our site a collection is a bit bragging, as only three interviews are available. Still, we have to call ourselves somehow. The site has been created to show, as an example, among many others, the following:
  1. It is possible to create a quality oral history website with a small budget, which offers complete online access to visitors.
  2. With thorough legal and technical preparation publishing full length interviews online does not create any legal problems.
Thus the site is alive, and we have not encountered real problems because of sharing documents. After three years, however, we feel the need to launch a “News” section, as, even though the site gets more and more complex, most visitors do not notice the changes. From now on, through the “News” section people can follow the changes to the website and access new documents available.
In the name of the collection I wish you an enjoyable browsing and reading experience. 
János Molnár