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The Search for Name is the most important tool of the collection – it helps you find who, how often and where referred to a given person in any of the interviews.

Each interview has its own Index, containing all the names of the people mentioned in the interview, together with how often they were mentioned and on which pages. The Search for Name gathers all the individual indexes.

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Habsburg József
Habuda Miklós
Hungarian historian, staff of the Institute of Party History of the Hungarian Socialist Worker's Party
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 4.
Hahn István
Hungarian historian
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 5.
Hajdú László
Hungarian architect
Hajdu Tibor
Hungarian historian
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 3.
Hajós György
Hungarian mathematician
Halasi Zoltán
Hungarian cultural manager, Hungarian Young Communist Leage (KISZ)
Halász Zoltán
Hungarian journalist
Halda Alíz
Hungarian teacher, member of the illegal Democratic Opposition
Hamburger Mihály
Hungarian sociologist
Hammer Ferenc
Hungarian sociologist, punksinger
Hanák Gábor
Hungarian historian, documentary film-director
Hanák Péter
Hungarian historian
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
staff member of Hungarian Radio
Haraszti Miklós
Hungarian writer, politician
Harsányi Iván
Hungarian historian
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 2.
Hartai István
Deputy Chairman of Hungarian Radio
Hartai László
Hungarian director, camera-man
Hungarian mathematician, son of Valéria Benke
Havel, Václav
Czech writer, politician, President of Czech Republic
Háy Ágnes
Hungarian graphic artist
Háy Anderli / Háy Andrea
daughter of Gyula Háy writer
Háy Gyula
Hungarian writer
Háy László
Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hegedűs András
Hungarian Prime Minister, sociologist
Hegedűs András, jr. / „Grisa”
Hungarian economist
Hegedűs B. András
Hungarian economist, sociologist, historian
Hegedűs István
Hungarian businessman
Hegedűs József
Hungarian economist, sociologist
Hegedűs Zsuzsa
Hungarian sociologist
Hegel, Georg Friedrich Wilhelm
German philosopher
Heidegger, Martin
German philosopher
Heller Ágnes
Hungarian philosopher
Heltai Miklós
Hungarian teacher
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Herczeg Klára
Hungarian sculptor, coins-sculptor
Hernádi György
Hungarian journalist
Herskó Anna / Trenka Anna
Hungarian camera-man, director, Sweden
Herskó János
Hungarian director, pedagogist, Sweden
Hertner Ottó
Director General of METRIMPEX company, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Foreign Trade
Hevesi Margit
Hungarian emigrant in Vienna, than in the USSR
Hídvégi Jenő
Hungarian radio reporter
Hungarian businessman in the Horthy-era
Hirsch Tibor
Hungarian movie historian
Hirschler Richárd
Hungarian journalist
Hitler, Adolf
German dictator, Chancellor
Ho Si Minh
Vietnamese Communist politician
Hollós Ágnes
daughter of Ervin Hollós
Hollós Ervin
Hungarian Communist party official, secret police officer, university teacher
Hóman Bálint
Hungarian historian, politician
Honfi Károly
Hungarian chess grandmaster
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Honorius / Flavius Honorius Augustus
Western Roman Emperor ( 4th - 5th century AD )
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Hont Ferenc
Hungarian director, theater historian, aesthete
Hont István
Hungarian historian
Hont Iván
Hungarian pedagogist, son of Ferenc Hont
Honthy Hanna
Hungarian actress, opera singer
Horgász Bandi
Hungarian electrical engineer, VERTESZ company
Horger Antal
Hungarian linguist, university professor
Horn Gyula
Hungarian politician, Prime Minister of Hungary
Horthy Miklós
Hungarian admiral, Regent of Hungary
Horváth Ede
Director General of Rába Hungarian Wagon and Machine Factory
Horváth István
Hungarian psychologist
Horváth Zsuzsanna
Hungarian sociologist, France
Hovanyecz László
Hungarian journalist
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Hronszky Imre
Hungarian philosopher
Hubai László
Hungarian historian
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Hume, David
Scottish philosopher
Huszár István
Hungarian politician, economist
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 4.
Huszár Tibor
Hungarian sociologist