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The Search for Name is the most important tool of the collection – it helps you find who, how often and where referred to a given person in any of the interviews.

Each interview has its own Index, containing all the names of the people mentioned in the interview, together with how often they were mentioned and on which pages. The Search for Name gathers all the individual indexes.

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Lackó Mihály
Hungarian editor, historian
Lackó Miklós
Hungarian historian
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 2.
Lakatos Éva
Hungarian Communist party official
Laki Mihály
Hungarian economist
Lakos László
Hungarian veterinary, politician, Minister of Agriculture
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Lamberger Béla
Hungarian agronmist, emigrant in the USSR
Lamberger Frigyes
Hungarian foreign trader
Lamberger Galina
Hungarian economist
Lamberger Gyula
wholesale grain merchant in Győr
Lamberger Gyula
Hungarian lawyer
Lamberger Ilona
Hungarian agronomist
Lánczos János
Director General of IBUSZ Travel Company
Láng György
staff member of Társadalmi Szemle review
Lányi András
Hungarian writer, philosopher, director
Laptyev, Ivan
Soviet press attachés, Soviet Embassy, Budapest
László Emőke
Hungarian arthistorian
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
László Gyula
Hungarian archaelogist, historian, artist
HSZE7 Sipos Levente -2.
László János
Hungarian psychologist
Latabár Kálmán
Hungarian actor, dancer-comedian
Hungarian factory owner
Laub László, dr.
Hungarian doctor, arts collector
Lázár Márta
director of Napvilág Publisher
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 2.
Lázár György
Hungarian Communist politician, Prime Minister
Léderer Emma
Hungarian historian
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Léger, Fernand
French painter, sculptor
Lehár Antal
Hungarian military officer
Lehoczky István
Secretary of the Hungarian Young Communist League in the 5th district of Budapest
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Lengyel István
Instructor at Eötvös Lóránd University
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Lengyel József
Hungarian writer
Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich
Russian Communist politician, ideologist
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Lermontov, Mikhail Yuryevich
Russian writer, poet
Lesechko, Mikhail Avksentevich
Soviet Communist politician, Deputy Chairman of Council of Ministers
Lett Miklós
staff of the Institute of Party History of the Hungarian Socialist Worker's Party
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Levendel Júlia
Hungarian psychologist
Liska Tibor
Hungarian economist
Litván György
Hungarian historian
Litván Károly
Hungarian journalist
Litván Katalin
Hungarian architect
Lomb / Laub
Hungarian factory owner, husband of Kató Lomb interpreter, language genius
Lomb Kató
Hungarian interpreter, translator, language genius
Lónyai Mária
Hungarian philosopher
Loránt Rózsi
Hungarian emigrant in Moscow
Losey, Joseph
American director
Losonczi Géza
Hungarian journalist, minister
Losonczi Pál
Hungarian Communist politician, Chairman of the Presidential Council
Lovas Zoltán
Hungarian journalist
Lovász László
Hungarian mathematician
Ludassy Mária
Hungarian philosopher
Lukács György
Hungarian philosopher
Lysenko, Trofim Denisovich
Soviet agronomist