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The Search for Name is the most important tool of the collection – it helps you find who, how often and where referred to a given person in any of the interviews.

Each interview has its own Index, containing all the names of the people mentioned in the interview, together with how often they were mentioned and on which pages. The Search for Name gathers all the individual indexes.

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Obersovszky Gyula
Hungarian writer, journalist
Odinec, Mikhail
Soviet journalist, Pravda, 1956
Odze György
Hungarian diplomat, writer
Ólmosi Zoltán
Hungarian historian, archivist
HSZE7 sipos Levente - 2.
Olt Károly
Hungarian Communist politician, minister
Orbán László
staff member of the Hungarian Radio
Orbán Sándor
Hungarian agriculture historian
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Orbán Viktor
Hungarian politician, Prime Minister
early Christian Alexandrian scholar and theologian
Orosz Dezső / Grósz Dezső
Hungarian Communist party official
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Orosz Dezsőné / Vigyázó Piroska
Hungarian Communist party official
Orosz István
Hungarian graphic
Orosz István
Hungarian historian
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Orosz Nándor
Hungarian Communst party official, director of the Institute of Party History of the Hungarian Socialist Worker's Party
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 3.
Oroszlán Zoltán
Hungarian archeologist, arthistorian
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 2.
Ortutay Gyula
Hungarian ethnographer, politician
Osváth Zsuzsa
wife of András Pető journalist
Óvári Miklós
Hungarian Communist politician
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Örkény Antal
Hungarian sociologist
Örkény István
Hungarian writer
Hungarian painter