Search for Name

The Search for Name is the most important tool of the collection – it helps you find who, how often and where referred to a given person in any of the interviews.

Each interview has its own Index, containing all the names of the people mentioned in the interview, together with how often they were mentioned and on which pages. The Search for Name gathers all the individual indexes.

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Dalos György
Hungarian writer
Dalos Rimma
Russian born poet, translator in Hungary
Dankó Ádám
Hungarian journalist
Darvasi László
Hungarian journalist
De Gaulle, Charles
French politician, general
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Deák Imre
Leader of the main department of NIKEX company
Demény Pál
Hungarian illegal Communist
Demszky Gábor
Hungarian politician, sociologist, Mayor of Budapest
Dénes Lajos
Hungarian teacher of geography, Budapest University of Technology
Déry Tibor
Hungarian writer
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Dés László
Hungarian musician
Descartes, René
French philosopher
Detrekői Ákos
Hungarian university professor, Rector of Budapest University of Technology
Deutsch Tamás
Hungarian politician
Devecseri Gábor
Hungarian poet, writer, translator, classical filologist
Dimitrov, Georgi
Bulgarian Communist politician
Diószeghy István
Hungarian historian
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 2.
Dobai Péter
Hungarian writer, poet
Dobrev Klára
wife of Ferenc Gyurcsány Hungarian Prime Minister
Dobrev Péter
Bulgarian diplomat, son in law of Apró Antal politician
Dolmányos István
Hungarian historian
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 3.
Donáth Péter / Deutsch Péter
Hungarian fine artist
Donáth Ferenc
Hungarian politician, historian
Donáth Ilona
Hungarian emigrant in England
Donatus Magnus
Bishop of Carthage (4th century AD)
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 2.
Doyarenko, Aleksey Grigoryevich
Soviet agronomist
Dubček, Alexander
Slovak Communist politician
Duray Miklós
Hungarian politician, writer, Slovakia
Dutschke, Rudi
Spokeperson of the German student movement
Dühring, Eugen
German philosopher, economist
Dylan, Bob
American singer, musician, poet