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The Search for Name is the most important tool of the collection – it helps you find who, how often and where referred to a given person in any of the interviews.

Each interview has its own Index, containing all the names of the people mentioned in the interview, together with how often they were mentioned and on which pages. The Search for Name gathers all the individual indexes.

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Abramovich, Roman Arkadyevich
Russian businessman, Governor of Chukotka
Ács Andrásné, Mrs.
staff of the Institute of Party History of the Hungarian Socialist Worker's Party
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Aczél György
Hungarian Communist politician
Ady Endre
Hungarian poet
Soviet journalist, Budapest
Ágh Attila
Hungarian philosopher, politologist
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 2.
Ágoston László
Hungarian philosopher, Head of Faculty, Budapest University of Technology
Agustine of Hippo
early Christian theologian, philosopher, bishop
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Albert Flórián
Hungarian footballer
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Almási János
Hungarian historian, Eötvös Lóránd University
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Almási Miklós
Hungarian philosopher
Altrichter Ferenc
Hungarian philosopher
Ambrus János
Deputy Minister, Ministry of Foreign Trade, Hungary
Ancsel Éva
Hungarian poet, philosopher
Andics Erzsébet
Hungarian historian, Communist party official
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 3.
Andropov, Yuri Vladimirovich
Soviet politician, Chairman of KGB, General Secretary of the CPSU
Angyal István
freedom fighter of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956
Angyalosi Gergely
Hungarian philosopher, critic
Antal László
Hungarian economist
Antall József
Hungarian teacher, librarian, Prime Minister of Hungary
Apró Antal
Hungarian Communist politician, Deputy Prime Minister
Apró Éva
staff member of Társadalmi Szemle review
Apró Piroska
Hungarian economist, businesswomen, daugther of Antal Apró Communist politician
Aradi Vilmos
civil servant, Hungarian Copyright Office
Aradi Vilmosné / Rozi
trade union secretary in the Ministry of Home Trade
Aradi Zsuzsa
Hungarian teacher
Aranyosi Magda
staff of the Institute of Party History of the Hungarian Socialist Worker's Party
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 2.
Arató Endre
Hungarian historian, Eötvös Lóránd Universitiy
HSZE7 Sipos Levente - 1.
Artner László
Leader of the METRIMPEX office in Moscow
Arvale Edit
Hungarian emigrant in Moscow
Arvale Elena
Hungarian born doctor in Belgrad
Arvale Júlia / Boros Lászlóné, Sziza Miklósné
Hungarian emigrant in Berlin then in Moscow
Arvale Rita
Hungarian emigrant in Moscow, wife of János Mathejka writer
Arvale Vilhelmina / Mimi, Jász Dezsőné
wife of Dezső Jász (Juan de Pablo)
Ascher Tamás
Hungarian director
Atkári János
economical expert, Deputy Mayor of Budapest