Vladimír Vujovits

List of documents accompanying the interview of Vladimír Vujovits (HSZE1):

  1. Memories of Vladimír Vujovits regarding the Revolution of 1956. (1996)

  2. Vladimír Vujovits personal memoir, written for his son.

  3. Vladimír Vujovits handwritten notes about his life. (in Russian and Hungarian)

  4. The history of the Vujovits family. (handwritten draft)

  5. Family tree of Vladimír Vujovits, maternal side. (handwritten draft)

  6. Proof of Vladimír Vujovits being a contracted employee of the Hungarian Radio. (1950)

  7. Proof of Vladimír Vujovits being an employee of the Hungarian Radio. (in Russian and Hungarian)

  8. Notification of promotion of Vladimír Vujovits (as head of group). (1954)

  9. Notification of promotion of Vladimír Vujovits (as head of department). (1955)

  10. Notes by Vladimír Vujovits’ employers. (1955)

  11. The Russian text of the last program of „Govorit Budapest” which did not get broadcasted. (October, 1956.)

  12. The Russian translation of Imre Nagy’s announcement made at dawn, November 4th, 1956., that Vladimír Vujovits read in the Radio.

  13. Dismissal letter of Vladimír Vujovits, written by the Hungarian Radio. (March, 1957.)

  14. Scoresheet of Vladimír Vujovits’ income of 1957.

  15. Notification for Vladimír Vujovits by the Hungarian Radio – he is obliged to pay back 288 HUF. (1957)

  16. Farewell telex of Vladimír Vujovits to his colleague, Agarkov, based in Moscow. (in Russian, 1957)

  17. Memo of the Radio’s situation, and István Szirmai’s cover letter to János Kádár. (photocopied from a non-identified publication)

  18. Autobiography of Erzsébet Vujovits (mother of Vladimír Vujovits). (1952)

  19. Notification of Erzsébet Vujovits’s promotion as Councillor of the Minister. (1948)

  20. Obituary from a newspaper at the death of Erzsébet Vujovits. (1961)

  21. Interview with Jánosné Mathejka (aunt of Vladimír Vujovits). (Népszava. 1968)

  22. Interview with Jánosné Mathejka. (Népszabadság, March 16th., 1975.)

  23. Interview with Jánosné Mathejka I-II. (Magyar Hírlap, March 21st, 1976.)

  24. Interview with Jánosné Mathejka. (Népszava, April 4th, 1976.)

  25. Obituary of Dezsőné Jász (née Vilhelmina Arvale – aunt of Vladimír Vujovits). (Népszabadság, November 3rd, 1989)

  26. Article about the parents of Béla Bacsó, written by Dezső Jász in 1920, and short summary of the life of Dezső Jász. (Népszabadság, August 24th, 1996)

  27. Dezső Jász: In Hispania. (Hadtörténelmi Közlemények, 1968. 3.rd issue)

  28. Article of József Lengyel: Notes on the Viennese Emigration. (1970)

  29. Handwritten notes on Rita Arvale of Vladimír Vujovits, taken from József Lengyel’s notebooks.

  30. Notes about the article of Rodoljub Čolaković on Radomir Vujović.

  31. The article of Rodoljub Čolaković on Radomir Vujović. (Hungarian translation of the article originally published in the Komunist, October 25th. 1957)

  32. Copy of the wedding certificate of Radomir Vujović and Erzsébet Arvale, in Serbian. (1926)

  33. Hungarian translation of the wedding certificate of Radomir Vujović and Erzsébet Arvale.

  34. Article in Vechernaya Moskva, listing the names of the victims (among them Radomir Vujović, father of Vladimír Vujovits, under the name Franc Dmitriyevich Licht) of the great purge, buried in a mass grave in the Donskoye cemetery. (in Russian, August 6th, 1992)

  35. Article in Vechernaya Moskva, which mentions Vojislav Vujović (uncle of Vladimír Vujovits) as a victim of the great purge. (in Russian, July 12th, 1991)

  36. Stalin on Vojislav Vujović. (from the Complete Works of Stalin)

  37. Letters of Radomir Vujović, from prison (in German) (1929-1932)

  38. Autobiography of Radomir Vujović, written by his wife, Erzsébet Vujovits (in German).

  39. Writing of V. M. Turok (in Russian)

  40. „Strictly Confidential – Great Communist Trials” – relevant parts about Radomir Vujović (parts 43-46.) Magyar Szó, Novi Sad, 1959.

  41. „For the 80th anniversary of the birth of Radomir Vujović” group of articles (parts 1-6.) Magyar Szó, 1975.

  42. Interview with Vladimír Vujovits about his father. (Intervju, August 3rd, 1991. Zagreb) (in Croatian)

  43. Home telephone book of the Parliament, November 1971.

  44. Phonebook of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, for inner use only, 1986.